Giant Punk Steps?

Hi. I was bored last night, so I made a thing.

Giant Punk Steps

Inspired by the harmonic idea behind the John Coltrane tune “Giant Steps”, I wondered what would happen if I took the “Louie, Louie” chord progression, played it once, then played it again up a third. This is the result.

New Video?!

Yep – new video!

To compliment the release of “Overload! Overload!!”, I made a lyric video for the song. Enjoy!

As always, the single is available on my Bandcamp page, accessible by either clicking the link in the side bar or right here. Thanks for watching and also for listening.

“Overload! Overload!!” Is Here!

Yes, you read that title right. My new single is now available for stream and download on my Bandcamp page. To get there, you can either:

1. Click HERE or…

2. Click the “Bandcamp” link in the sidebar.

Check it out! And, as always, thanks for listening.


Hello there. Today, I am making an announcement. On August 5th, 2014 (two weeks from today as of this post), I will be releasing an old school-style single. Unfortunately, this won’t be on an actual 45rpm record, but maybe later…?

“Side A” of the single is “Overload! Overload!!”, also known as the “too much candy” song. Written in 2006 and routinely performed by my old band Smock, This is an all-new recording of the song, re-done from the ground up.

“Side B” is a brand new song called “Only The Important Questions”, This song came about after asking Twitter and Facebook for song topic suggestions one evening in an attempt to cure my boredom. Clearly, the attempt was successful… Written just this year, This single is the song’s first release.

To recap: NEW SINGLE. AUGUST 5TH, 2014. Where can you find it? On my Bandcamp page, of course. And since you’re here, check out the cover:


The Hockey Project: 82

Hey! We made it! After six months, we’ve finally reached the end of the regular season. So, how’s about a fun little pop-rock tune to commemorate the occasion? That’s what I thought, too. Like the last tune, this is a bit of an homage to Coheed and Cambria – their most recent album closes with a simple and fun rock song, which is what I tried to do here.

The lyrics should be somewhat obvious here. It’s a long season for sure, and there’s a good chance it didn’t end the way you wanted. But, since this is the last game (game #82 for the NHL season, hence the title), why not just have some fun? For the record, there are a total of 1,230 games in an NHL season. I checked the online official scoresheet of the last game just to make sure.


Enjoy! Thanks for listening and I’ll see you next time with a return to the heavy stuff.

The Hockey Project: ELIMINATED

Hello there. Today’s Hockey Project tune is a notable departure, mood-wise. As the title would suggest, this tune is about finally being mathematically eliminated from playoff contention. It’s in all caps because I always type it like that in this context. More fun that way, I think. Either way, I guess this is what you wind up writing about when your favorite hockey team is dead last in the whole league…

Musically, this – and the following song – is a bit of an homage to Coheed and Cambria. Their most recent album (which is excellent, by the way) has a really dark-sounding opening track much like this. For the music theory buffs, this is one of the rare times I’ve ever used an augmented chord. Also, that acoustic part was much more difficult to record than I expected. Holy crap did that hurt…


Thanks for listening and I’ll see you next time with a more uptempo song.

The Hockey Project: The Rental

Hello again. Today’s Hockey Project tune tackles a huge day late in the hockey season – Trade Deadline Day.  Lots of players and draft picks change hands as some teams gear up for a playoff run and others just kinda throw in the towel. Lyrically (with the exception of the second section), this song is mostly from the perspective of a guy who just got traded, from hearing the news to joining his new team. As for the second section, picture it as your standard talking heads show discussing the deal.

Musically… I like Tesseract. There, I said it. This is likely the djent-iest djent fest of a song I’ve ever done. Oddly enough, this almost feels like more of a showcase for the bass and drums to me. Also, I like how the rhythm guitars almost get lost in the last section because so much is going on… Enjoy!

The Rental

I’ll see you next time for something noticeably darker.

The Hockey Project: Pardon The Patriotism

Well, this one is super-late, but hey – better late than never, right? I decided, at the start of the olympic hockey tournament, that I should write a silly Team USA anthem. To further add to the ridiculousness, I decided to channel my inner pro wrestler for the lead vocal – Not surprisingly, my throat hurt for a while after I recorded this song…

The music is just a big ol’ slice of metal. Frankly, I wish more team anthems were like this – less light cheese, more heavy cheese. This is where the Dallas Stars have most teams beat – Pantera made their anthem (seriously). Meanwhile, the song for my local baseball team (Rochester Red Wings) sounds like it belongs in a musical… Anyway, here it is.

Pardon The Patriotism

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with a song about a guy getting traded.

The Hockey Project: Time Zones Make My Head Hurt

Hello again. After that nice little intermission, The Hockey Project returns to the rock for this song. Lyrically, this one is simply about the start of the olympic break and the fact that the hockey tournament’s late games started at noon in my time zone. Thanks, nine-hour time difference!

From a musical standpoint, this song was definitely an experiment. I flipped my usual 5/8 pattern in the verses (from “2-3″ to “3-2″), flipped the standard “3 vs. 4″ rhythm so that the note I cut short is at the start of the riff instead of the end, and kinda went off the deep end in the bridge. Why? Because I can. Oddly enough, I think this all turned out really well… probably because it’s just under three minutes long.

Time Zones Make My Head Hurt

Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with a song that’s both shorter and dumber. It’ll be great!

The Hockey Project: Intermission

Hello again. We’ve reached the ninth tune for The Hockey Project. Halfway home! Now, I know there should be two of these “intermission” tracks at around tracks six and twelve, but TOO BAD.

Lyrically, well… there are no words. Literally. It’s an instrumental!

I’ve always enjoyed the nice little acoustic-style songs in the middle of metal albums. It’s always good to mix things up every so often, you know? I don’t play acoustic guitar often, either, so this excursion was even more worthwhile for me. I started with a favorite alternate tuning – DADGAD – then tuned string 1 back up to E to make the middle part easier to play. So, uh… DADGAE it is! It’s not as fun to say as DADGAD, but it still worked well. Since it’s a quick little song, I simply set up my stereo condenser microphone, hit “record”, and played it multiple times. What you’re hearing is the third complete take.


Enjoy and I’ll see you next time with a return to rock form.